Head Coach - Travis Purdy

Image Credit:  Aaron Mizushima

Image Credit: Aaron Mizushima

FEB 2004

February 2004

My name is Travis Purdy and I am an alcoholic in recovery. In addition, I was significantly overweight at 300 pounds and smoking cigarettes. I lost the excess weight, quit smoking in February 2004, and battled with depression and alcoholism my whole adult life (I've been sober since August 1, 2014). Physical fitness and activity have helped me to get healthy, heal, increase my confidence, and build a network of positive support. Now I want to use all these experiences to live a life in service to others. 

I have always wanted to help other people with their weight loss, overall health, and/or fitness journeys but never believed I had any value to bring to anyone. That was my old belief system, along with the alcohol talking. Now, as I am approaching three years of sobriety, I've been learning what I need to learn and helping where I need to help. I just started coaching CrossFit at a great place in Kaneohe, Hawaii - CrossFit K Block - and I have several personal training clients, as well.

We're here to help you improve your health, wellness & fitness. Whether that's losing weight, getting in better shape, or even if you are battling an addiction or have someone close to you who is, I'm hoping our company, Active Recovery Life, can be a symbol of health, improved quality of life, and hope. Obesity and related diseases are killing the population in the United States and the entire world. Active Recovery Life's program will offer a general fitness regimen,a customized remote personal training program, with the option of in person sessions on Oahu.

I am confident that Active Recovery Life can help people one day at a time, one person at a time, until hopefully we can help millions and beyond. Thank you and stay active, my friends!


Image credits: Aaron Mizushima & Dre Strohm (What's Rich Doing?)